How to Make Elderly Assisted Living In Nursing Homes More Comfortable

Getting concerned about the elderly amongst us is a genuine feeling, especially if they are living alone and operating independently. As an adult, you tend to worry more about your aging parents. As baby boomers age, they will need more attention from their children and according to this article in the guardian, they are looking for technology to help them. It is not any parent’s wish to trouble anyone as the age in any case they want to enjoy their old age peacefully without troubling anyone financially or physically. However, in most instances, the scenarios are inventive as old age catches up with everyone.

Below are some of the key factors to put in place to ensure that older individuals living alone have a smooth life.

Consider Installing Grab Bars in Bathrooms

This is an important factor for old individuals. As they age, seniors tend to lose their sense of balance and strength. Having grab bars installed in several places around the house will prevent them from falling. Bathrooms are black spots because, in these areas, the elderly have a higher chance of slipping and falling. Grab bars are extremely important to save them from taking a fall.

Easily Accessible Mobile Phone

A means of communication is an extremely important thing for seniors’ well-being. Older adults living alone need to have a way to reach everyone. Having a mobile phone with them will enable them to communicate immediately in case of an emergency or when they need vital service. Most seniors could have problems with smartphones, therefore, it is wise to get them a mobile phone that they can operate easily. Make sure the phone has visible buttons with a back-light for easier and effective communication.

Automatic Pill Dispenser Or a Pill Crusher

As they age, seniors tend to have memory loss and become somewhat forgetful. Having a pill dispenser that is automated can help to deal with this kind of problem. You can program it to provide the medication at a certain time as well as a system alarm to remind them when it is time to take the medication. Additionally, having a pill crusher is equally important. Most are the times that the seniors find it difficult to swallow certain pills due to their large size. Having a pill crusher will make it easier for them to take the medicine.

Have A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning is an extremely tiresome exercise for anyone involved regardless of their age. A lot of strength is required to achieve maximum cleanliness for the well-being of every occupant. Cleaning will be very difficult and tiresome for any old adult who engages in the task. Getting a robot vacuum cleaner will be a sure way to keep the seniors away from the tedious task. The robot vacuum cleaners are good for cleaning carpets, wooden floors, and washing hairy pets. Additionally, the robot vacuum cleaners have sensors installed in them, which help to detect their surroundings. This feature makes them very safe and secure for old adults.

Mobility Scooter

Movement is everything. There could be scenarios where the aged are physically challenged. Having a mobility scooter will enable them to move freely and independently to their place of choice. This is an exceptional gadget to gift your aging parents and can be found online at a number of reputable merchants like or, and more importantly these can be covered by a number of government programs and insurance such as ADP.

Putting these items in place is only the start of how to make senior living in nursery homes more comfortable, safe and effective.