5 Reasons for the Increased Use of Medical Clinics in Milton

If you’ve not been to the doctor lately, then you may not know that there is a long waiting list for many family doctors in Ontario and throughout Canada. In fact, many people are now considering other options when it comes to seeing a physician. The recent trend has in fact gone towards fly-by-night walk-in clinics as they gain more popularity throughout the entire province of Ontario and in Milton in Particular.

But what are the main reasons for the mass migration from traditional family doctor to walk-in clinics?

1. Difficult of Finding a Family Doctor
As mentioned above, one of the primary reasons that people are going to walking clinics is because they are having a hard time finding, and booking an appointment with a family doctor. When the waiting list to see a family physician is more than three months, it is no wonder that people are migrating to clinics that can take them the same day.

2. Convenience
Again, this is one of the main reasons for the increase in the use of walkin clinics. In the traditional sense, people have to make an appointment then go to the doctor’s office at least one hour in advance, then wait for possible another hour on top of that, all that just to see a doctor. Well, the new era of quick medical clinics mean that you do not need to make an appointment, you just drop in, and tada, you can see a doctor. At http://santamariamedical.ca clinic in Milton, people have reported that they sometimes see a doctor in as little as 5 minutes!

3. No Appointments
Connecting with the previous point, most clinics do not require a prior appointment. Some of them do, however, these are the minority. In fact, most clinics nowadays allow patients to walk in, hand in their OHIP card and be able to see a physician almost immediately.

4. Geographical displacement
Family doctors tend to be in medical buildings. Most of these buildings were built a long time ago and did not necessarily reflect the current geographic allocation of the population. For example, many medical facilities tend to be around hospitals, while people do not necessarily live near a hospital. That is why, these new medical clinics are popping up all over the place. More importantly, they are being built where people are actually living, and that means people can visit them more easily because they are closer to their homes.

5. Friendly Environment
It may be a surprise, but many of the traditional doctors carry an old mentality of larger than thou. New medical facilities tend to employ younger doctors who recently graduated or who are not established. These health professionals tend to be more friendly towards their patients and users. That in of itself attracts quite a lot of the young people living in these cities.