Use of Methadone Clinics for Addiction Treatment in the Past Year

As the word grapples with a pandemic that has caused so much pain around the world, the number of people turning to drug abuse to help alleviate their pains has increased. Some would say that it is a health crisis of astounding proportions that is bigger than the Covid pandemic.

According to the world health organization, the number of people who suffer from mental health and drug related issues has risen in the past year. This could be attributed to the amount of social isolation that people have suffered from due to the various lockdowns that have occurred. In many countries, lockdowns were responsible for a large amount of anxiety and depression. This, in turn, has caused some to turn towards drug abuse.

In some countries such as Canada, Marijuana has become legal. Laws passed by the current government have made it legal to own and consumer in small quantities. This has not prevented some from seeking and using stronger drugs, such as Heroine and Cocaine. These drugs are highly addictive and have harmful long term effects on those who consume them. To tackle this type of problem, opioid dependency experts have come to use Methadone and Suboxone to treat these dependencies.This type of treatment is available at a number of methadone clinics that help patients overcome their addictions.

Through a process of prescribing gradually smaller doses, the opioid doctors can wean a person off of their drug addictions. This process can take some time however, but it is best to start it as soon as possible because the longer a person abuses hard drug, the longer it takes to overcome the dependency. A number of drug clinics have sprouted up across Canadian cities to deal with this problem. However, the real solution is through education and in the gradual return to normal life and socialization between people.